A Sad Day

OK, I’m a sushi-nibbling, cabernet sauvignon-sipping Northeastern opinionated arrogant elitist snob who likes looking at pictures of Christ submerged in urine. And I say to all of you who voted for Bush:
You are fools at best. Either you don’t know your own interests, or your interest is self-destruction (and other-destruction). You voted for what is almost certainly the most corrupt, dangerous, arrogant, mendacious, incompetent administration of your lifetime. You’ve shown the world that American voters, albeit by a slim majority, chose this prick and have given your approval to his greedy, demented imperialist policies. You fucked up. Shame on you.
Sore loser? Damn right I am. This is no joke, it really sucks big time.
One of the few bright spots I can think of is that Kerry got the African American vote by a margin of ten to one. At least black folks, collectively, have something of a clue. Another bright spot is that the pesto, marinara and meat balls that I served my friends last night made a big hit.