This is it

Have you ever seen more tension and anxiety around an election in the United States in your lifetime?

Even my own dad, normally a man of relentless logic and reason, sounded a little strange on the phone last night when he said that if the Red Sox can win the World Series, Kerry can win the presidency. Huh?

This is it folks, the day of reckoning. So get out there and do the right thing.

I’ve been resigned to pulling the lever for Kerry for several months. It’s a no-brainer. You would have to be insane or disinformed to do otherwise.

I read somewhere that 70+ percent of Bush supporters still think Saddam’s connection to Al Qaeda has been established and that he had WMD. There’s a fundamental disconnect with reality, a sort of cognitive disorder. The right wing Republican propaganda apparatus is a thing of awesome power, to be sure, but even so, there’s no excuse for being too lazy to get off the couch and make a modicum of effort to find out what is really going on.

Someone was saying on Air America last night that if the Republicans attempt to steal it again, watch out. You might see all shit break loose in the streets of this country like we haven’t seen in a century. We need Kerry to take it and take it by a comfortable margin.

I was up late prepping food for the election night dinner we are holding today: made a nice marinara, meatballs, a pesto. Gonna have some quality wine and food, huddle together with some dear friends, and we will either celebrate that we have averted catastrophe, or try to turn our backs to the abyss and enjoy a good meal anyway.


Here’s why — a little much-needed levity courtesy of our beloved friend Lisa.