Viva Kucinich!

I am now a kucinichista.
I have had it with the same old Democratic bullshit. I heard on NPR about the “debate” among the eight Democratic contenders. Kucinich — and this other guy I confess I had never even heard of, Mike Gravel — were the only ones with the balls to point out that if you want to stop the war, cut off the funding. Stop re-authorizing it by continuing to give the Whitehouse the all money it wants, as these wimps in the Senate have just done. Sure, Bush will veto the latest bill because it tries to prevent the Whitehouse from staying in Iraq “until the end of time,” as Jon Stewart puts it. But it still gives him the money because these lame-ass pols are way behind the American public and, apparently, are too timid to step up and make a sincere effort to stop the war.
Kucinich, on the other hand, not only advocates really stopping the war; he has now introduced articles of impeachment against Dick Cheney for falsifying the intelligence and getting us into this illegal and unjustified war.
Is Hillary in favor of impeachment? Hell no. Obama? Dream on. You know what? Fuck these wimps. I am going to write in for Kucinich, even if some of my centrist-liberal friends give me a great pile of shit for it.

Yo Alberto: Resign!

Come on, Alberto Gonz├ílez. Clean out your desk and get the fuck out, won’t you please? What’s it gonna take? Does there have to be a mob encircling your house with pitchforks and torches, like on an old Frankenstein movie? At this point there might as well be.
Come now. You know what time it is. Show a modicum of honor and dignity, and respect for reality. Resign.

Good riddance, Imus

I am happy to see you go, I-man. I have always found you annoying, stupid, spiteful, and not funny. Free speech is fine and well. Free speech makes it OK for me to say that in my opinion, you are an asshole. It’s also true that money talks and shit walks. Hence your departure.
See, there’s another mini-scandal here that few will probably remark on in the mainstream media. CBS only saw fit to fire you after it became apparent that it was detrimental to its business interests to do otherwise. First they were like, oh! That racist sexist talk is unconscionable! Two week suspension! They didn’t show you the door until the advertisers started pulling their ads.
While I’m at it, I am tempted to blame you for Corzine’s having gotten so banged up in that auto accident. If he hadn’t been on his way to a meeting about this Imus affair, he would not have been at that location on the Garden State at that precise time and…. nah, that’s bullshit. But it’s tempting.