Why MoveOn.org sucks

It all began way back in 2004 when MoveOn first posted a couple videos that compared Bush to Hitler, then gasped and groveled and aplogized and pulled them. Why so cowardly? War crimes are war crimes, fascism is fascism, disappearance and torture is… ok you get my point. It was a disappointment that showed their true (limber-dick, pussy-ass) colors.
Then came the Democratic primaries, and they endorsed Barack Obama even while Kucinich was still in it. Kucinich, the candidate who can get his mouth around those big tough words like single payer and impeachment. Why? There is no excuse — except possibly that they are good old neoliberals, and they suck.
Then I tried to get off their email list, and had to do the unsubscribe routine like five times. Very annoying. They send too damn many emails, as anyone who has been a subscriber or has read this piece in the Onion well knows.
Then, against our better judgement, my girlfriend and I decided to order like 20 Obama buttons from MoveOn. (Of course we support Obama now.) Four to six weeks for delivery, they say. Well, it’s been several weeks and still no buttons. Fuxup with that, dudes? When are we gonna see these buttons, December?
I’m sorry MoveOn, but let’s face facts: you suck.