The good Professor’s observation that we, with some shame, hope for the US invading forces to get slaughtered to somehow prove or comment on, the immorality of the current administrations foolish enterprise, is well taken.
It was very disappointing when it became clear that the Iraqis didn’t have some weapon – a smallish thermonuclear device or the plague – that they could unleash and not only take out the invading forces but with strong prevailing winds, take out a big chunk of humanity. That would have been grand entertainment. News at eleven!! Stay tuned!! The idea of rooting for the other team creates a bit of cognitive dissonance.
But our “team” – the cheney/rummy/dubya,etc. cocksuckers – well; they aren’t our team, now are they? And I’m not so sure about the spineless democrats either. They have caved in to the simple minded school-yard trick of using generally accepted platitudes to be defeated and silenced. Aren’t you a good patriot? Don’t you love the good ole USA? Why are you sitting on the visitors side of the gym? Where is your flag and why isn’t it on display? You must not support our troops!
We watch car races in hopes of a really good crash and when it happens, it is on the news, in slo-mo, over and over again. I watch and any cocksucker who says they don’t, is a pile of fermented horse shit lyin jack-off. It is our nature. We are curious about such things. (a brief aside: if you want to indulge your curiousity about the look of human carnage, accidents, self-inflicted gun shot wounds, etc, go to rotten.com – this is a Vernon T. Bludgeon approved site)
Back to the subject at hand – Iraq. People are getting killed. You read it here first. Why should I feel more remorse at the loss of an american as opposed to an Iraqi? And why the fuck should we give huge coverage to the death of an ex-football player who gave up his multi-mil contract to play soldier. Why him? I want to know about the poor child who found a bit of hope by joining the army to get a step up. The press seems enamored of the fact that he gave up the money as if that makes him an even bigger hero. He chose his way to die; his right and privledge. If he had given up the money and then committed suicide would we still think highly of him? Oh yes – he died for a good cause. Bullshit. He died for a stupid ridiculous invasion of another country by our nascent dictatorship. If he thought that he was fighting for the “homeland” (why didn’t they just call it the fatherland?) or to bring democracy to a region that couldn’t give a shit about democracy, then he did committ suicide. Or was monumentally stupid or read too many G.I Joe comics as a child. I read a lot of Dr. Squirm Finger the Proctologist comics when I was young but you don’t see me signing up to exam sphincters do you?
We don’t want anyone to die and we certainly don’t want to belong to a club that sends children off to kill people and get killed just for the club leadership’s amusement. Hussein gassed his “own” people. Yeah? So we are noble and order the deaths of our own people by invading another country? And when things are going badly and it is obvious that we shouldn’t have ever done this, we send more kids off to the machine? Rather than admitting our folly and withdrawing?
rant, rant, rant. I need to relax so I’m going to a calming, inspirational movie – the one where they beat the shit out of jesus. Now that is what it is all about. A good wholesome sense of what the world should aspire to. Violence with a message?