Time for a coup d’état in the USA?

I got an email from TheNation.com saying “in his address to the nation last week, President Bush accused Iran of ‘providing material support for attacks on American troops,’ and added ‘we will seek out and destroy the networks providing advanced weaponry and training to our enemies in Iraq.'” OK.
I also read in El Diario/La Prensa an AP story that stated that middlemen had acquired, on behalf of Iran, parts for the F-14 Tomcat fighter. That was illegal, so Customs agents seized the parts and returned them to the Pentagon. Which turned around and sold them off again, this time to another buyer who also turned out to be “suspected of” working on behalf of Iran. Close enough.
Therefore, the White House must be planning to seek out and destroy the Pentagon.
This is all fucked up, don’t you think? Look at what’s happening: the Bush administration is driving the country into the ditch as fast as it can. It launched an illegal and unjustified invasion of Iraq — true, with the support of most of the cowards in Congress — and now flatly refuses to listen to anyone about how to mitigate the horrible bloody clusterfuck it has created. Not the Congress, nor the Iraq Study Group, nor the generals on the proverbial ground. Fuck all a y’all, George is saying. I’m gonna escalate. But I ain’t gonna call it an escalation, see. I’m gonna a call it a surge. Gonna do a surge.
Fuck that. It’s time for the Pentagon to launch a pre-emptive strike on its own — against the White House. Generals, call him on the phone and say, you have three hours to get the fuck out. Resign. Beat it. Step down. If he says no, negotiate a little. Give him four hours. Oh what the hell, make it five! Be reasonable. And if he still refuses, then let the tanks roll down Pennsylvania Avenue and set shit off. Coup d’état. We’ve tried democracy for over 200 years and it’s been a partial success, but it is in grave danger now, so grave we have to destroy it in order to save it. Overthrow the Bush regime, establish a military government. Dissolve the Congress, govern for a few months until things stabilize, then hold free and fair elections and start over. Why not?