You’ve Got Us Under Your Skin

This little ditty, to the tune of I’ve Got You Under My Skin, was created for the 2013 Courthouse Follies. It is disrespectfully dedicated to the NSA.

They’ve got us under their skin
They’ve got us deep in the heart of them
So deep in their heart, we’re really a part of them
They’ve got us under their skin

We’re always listening in
Their emails and phone calls and texts always go down so well
To our data centers where they’re lovingly stored so well
[addressing audience from here on]
You’ve got us under your skin

We’ll sacrifice anything, come what might
For the sake of stoking up fear
We violate every constitutional right
That we still claim to hold dear

Don’t you know little fools, you can never win?
Forget legality
Wake up to reality
If you really do value privacy
You should stop before you log in
‘Cause you’ve got us under your skin