High End Parent with Too Much Spare Time

I read Barbara Ehrenreich’s outstanding Nickeled and Dimed, and among other things, got inspired by one of the scenes she describes. She was working for a cleaning service scrubbing shit from the toilet bowl of a well-to-do mom who spent her time tracking her investments and her baby’s bowel movements. Think of it: a nice little spreadsheet with columns for date, time, volume, aroma, color, texture… I decided I wanted to borrow a page from her play book but with a linguistic twist. I counted all the words I could think of in my 19+ month old daughter’s vocabulary. Stuffed ’em in a MySQL database table because of my geeky proclivities.

I didn’t cheat. These here are 72 genuine active vocabulary items, not random shouting or mimicking, observed as of 31-December-2004. I probably missed a few.

word pronounced language notes
abre   es imperative of abrir
abu   es as in grandma
agua   es  
alo   es means ‘telephone’
árbol   es  
ardilla diya es  
arroz roz es  
avión   es  
baila   es  
bebé   es  
bobo   es  
boca   es  
bola   es  
botón   es  
buho   es  
bye bye   en  
caballo bayo es  
camisa misa es  
carne   es  
cepillo piyo es  
choo choo   train
corazón zon es  
cortina tina es  
cuchara chaya es  
cuchillo chiyo es  
dientes   es  
estrella strella es  
flor   es  
Gabriela biela  
gato   es  
hoja   es as in leaves
huevo   es  
Lala   character from children’s program
lili   es corruption of ‘leche’
luna   es  
luz   es also plural ‘luces’
mami   es  
mano   es  
mariposa posa es  
media   es as in socks
medicina china es  
mono   es  
nariz   es  
nieve   es  
night night   en  
nini   es  
ombligo bligo es  
oso   es  
pamper pampem  
pan   es  
pantalla   es as in earrings
papi   es  
pasta   es  
pelo   es  
pez   es  
pinta   es as in ‘pintar’
(coloring book)
Pooh   Winnie the Pooh
puerta   es  
queso   es  
reloj loj es  
ropa   es  
sheep   en  
tenedor   es  
tita   es abbrev. of ‘galletita’
uva   es  
vela   es  
ventana tana es  
verde   es  
zapato pato es