Farenheit 9/11:: Go See It. Now!

Sure, parts of it are extremely painful and distressing. Sure, it’s slanted, one-sided, and manipulative of the audience’s emotions.
On the other hand, to my knowledge no one has disputed, much less refuted any of the facts asserted in the film. And words like “good,” “powerful,” “effective,” etc., don’t come close to doing it justice. Devastating is more like it. There were no basic facts revealed to me that I hadn’t already gotten from my progressive alternative lefty media sources. But Michael Moore develops those facts and drives them home with.. well, devastating… impact.
If you’re an advanced Bush hater you might think it impossible to walk out of the theatre despising George and his vicious, greedy warmongering cronies even more than when you walked in. But you will. And somehow George will seem more pathetic and ridiculous — as well as dangerous — than ever before. And that, in turn, combined with the tremendous success of this film, has the effect of instilling in me a measure of confidence than he is gonna be fired come November.
Will it change any minds or just preach to the converted? Apparently it can open and change some minds, from what I hear. If you get a Bushie into the theatre you’ve already accomplished something remarkable — who would want to see that liberal faggot-ass America-bashing commie bullshit? And if the Bushie watches the film, the Bushie’s wheels will simply have to start turning, if he has any.
It isn’t enough just to beat this guy in November. We have to thrash him and kick his evil ass out into the street (and into prison would be nice, but first thing’s first). Nothing less than a landslide will do. That’s why I just heeded MoveOn.org’s latest plea to give money to the wealthy, senatorial, phony Mr. Kerry, but by hitting a URL that signals his campaign that the money came from a progressive, not from a corporate fat cat. Yes I’ve come around:  I’ve shit on Kerry before, but now I’m pretty much with the program.