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The blog is bogged down. Maybe more writers could be invited to blog?
Nobody knows what happens to us when we die. Nobody has died and come back to tell us about it. The Jesus story is myth and/or completely unprovable. For me the only reason I can see for religion is the fear of death. My question is: If we knew for sure what death is like and what happens, would religion still exist?
Blog on and yes,I can think of other reasons for religion but that is not what I am asking. Anyone out there have a “near death” experience?

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  • Would there be religion if we knew for sure what death is like? That’s a little like asking who would I be if my parents were someone else. We’ll never know.
    The more general question might be, if our scientific knowledge and reasoning skills were more advanced and more widespread among the population, would there be so much religion and superstition in the U.S.?
    I think we can look at other industrialized societies for an answer. The United States is off-the-charts religious compared to Western Europeans, for example.
    So I think the answer to my question is, hell no.

  • I agree that we will never know but the question is what if we did? Is the root of all religion the fear of death? If religion isn’t driven by the fear of the ultimate unknown, then would there be any need for it? Early on religion came about for fear of all sorts of things that we now understand – like solar eclipses. But death?

  • As one shit-talking drunk to another — because I ain’t no scholar or philosopher dude — I’d have to speculate that fear of death is surely an important fear underlying religion, but I doubt it’s the whole story. Historically homo sapiens has made stuff up to explain away the unknown, whether it’s the cycle of day and night, or what happens after we croak.
    I think I’ll go fix another drink. This being Friday night and all.

  • So if fear of death is not the whole story, what is the rest? I gave an example of homo erectus’ fear of the unknown. The pyramids were built because…? Fear of death is really the only reason for religion. Every religion is obsessed with the “afterlife” and how you behave now, will affect your afterlife. But I say this as only another ignorant shit-talking (as you so gracefully put it; I guess that was aimed at me) non-drunk (speak for yourself). Farewell.

  • I was told by my church home about this “blog” web site and couldn’t believe it but now I see. May you all burn in hell, as you surely will. But, you can be saved if you embrace our saviour, our lord, Jesus Christ. I will pray for you.

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