2008, year of firsts

In 2008,

  • I got my first divorce. You know what they say about divorce: the first one’s the hardest. Let’s hope so. Anyway, the hard parts were accomplished in 2006 and 2007. In ’08 a judge signed a piece of paper.
  • I sold my first piece of real estate, which was also the first and only one I have ever bought. We (ex-wife and I) sold it after property values peaked, but a couple months before they collapsed. The new owners must be pissed that they paid so much.
  • I bought my first Toyota Prius. Indeed, this is only the fourth car I have owned in my 50 years. I am thoroughly satisfied. Now all I have to do is read the manuals and figure out how to work all that fancy shit. Don’t hold your breath.
  • I ran my first marathon, and found it extremely enjoyable and satisfying.
  • Come to think of it, I ran my first half-marathon. That’s what got me addicted to distance running.
  • I took my first week-long vacation in Aruba with Amy. We enjoyed it so much, we just might go do it again.
  • I had my first colonoscopy. Too much information? Sorry. Anyway the preparatory purging and fasting was not nearly as unpleasant as I thought it might be. And being knocked out cold by an anesthesiologist is always great fun. First you’re there, then you’re — not anywhere.
  • I jumped off a 36-foot diving platform — twice. Can’t recommend it enough. Nothing like a good blast of pure, naked fear to wake you up.

Happy new year.