Bill Clinton? He’ll be fine.

I hear on today’s news that 26,000 people have wished Bill a speedy recovery.
Folks, don’t worry:  he’ll be fine. Unlike so many millions of his fellow citizens, Bill enjoys access to the finest available medical care as part of the benefits package that came with his old job (President). I bet it’s all covered 100%. I bet he won’t even have to see a so-called Explanation of Benefits. As my dad pointed out the other day, he surely doesn’t have to share a room — with some random moribund loser crapping into his colostomy bag. In fact I wouldn’ t be surprised if the hospital comps his phone.
Don’t get me wrong, I don’t begrudge Bill his quality health care. I just wish we had universal health care in this country, as they do in every other country that is considered a modern, developed democracy.